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Replacement Kitchen Doors vs Complete Fitted Kitchens


Replacement Kitchen Doors vs Complete Fitted Kitchen costs

How does the expense of a new kitchen compare to replacing kitchen doors?

Every one of us nowadays has to consider twice before doing any home improvement job. We must think whether the expense of the improvements we wish to do will increase the value of our property and whether homeowners would do better to spend that money elsewhere. We may have gone ahead in the past, thinking that the property valuation would eventually catch up, but that isn’t always the case now.

So, opting to renovate your kitchen is a big decision, and you need to do your homework to determine your best financial option. Choosing to replace your kitchen doors, worktops, and even cabinets is likely far better than replacing your entire kitchen. And you will often be able to afford higher-quality items. You may even do the installation yourself to save even more money.

The following is a breakdown of what a new kitchen and installation may cost you and how you might save money by purchasing replacement kitchen doors.

Kitchen cabinets, doors, worktops and other materials

This price depends on the size of your kitchen, but you may expect to pay upwards of £5000 for the materials. You might get lucky and find an ex-display kitchen or one on sale at a local DIY store. However, this is the price you should anticipate spending in general. At this amount, you will be replacing your entire kitchen, including the cabinets, which may or may not be in bad shape.

If your kitchen is gutted, your tiles, flooring, and walls may be damaged and need to be repaired or replaced. All this will increase the cost, and you will also need to redecorate the room when the work is finished.

You will also need to hire a skip to dispose of your old kitchen, which is unnecessary with replacement kitchen doors. Even a tiny skip can set you back £200; a larger one more suited to a kitchen renovation would be double that.

If you want to replace only your kitchen doors, you can pay as little as £15 per door for economy ranges and small sizes and up to several hundred pounds for premium products. Online ordering is easy, with replacement kitchen doors made to measure, making ordering unusual sizes hassle-free. The other benefit is that you can order sample doors to check that the colour and finish are exactly what you want. Ordering online compares exceptionally favourably to high street pricing; you could save 50% or more.

Labour costs

Labour costs will more than quadruple the expense of your kitchen in a single stroke. If you decide to shift things around, you will need a tiler, plumber, electrician and kitchen fitter. Most tradespeople charge at least £300 per day, and qualified trades such as electricians may charge significantly more.

A single tradesperson will take roughly three weeks to build your kitchen; hence the cost could rocket. A professional fitting service should cost between £3,000 and £4,000 or possibly more.

You can easily do most, if not all, of the fitting yourself with replacement kitchen doors. The process of removing the old doors and installing the new ones is straightforward. A tradesperson should finish it in two days or less if you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself.


Suppliers may add a delivery price to the cost of a new kitchen. You may need to work around their timetable, which could involve taking days off work to receive deliveries. Delivery charges vary depending on the company; however, it is not uncommon to cost more than £100.

A replacement door provider will also provide speedy delivery. Subject to a minimum spend, delivery is often free of charge. You can also schedule delivery for a time that is convenient for you. They can offer this because the objects being sent are smaller and lighter and don’t require specialist transport companies.

As you can see, buying a new kitchen is more expensive than you might think. You can significantly reduce these costs by purchasing replacement kitchen doors or worktops and installing them yourself. You can then spend the money saved on other things, such as stunning new kitchen door handles.