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Kitchen Design Trends for 2023


If you’re considering a kitchen renovation, then stay on top of the latest kitchen trends. Not only will this ensure that your kitchen does not lag behind the times in terms of materials, colours, and appliances, but it will also ensure that you are using the most recent kitchen advances.

However, while these may steer you in the right direction for future kitchen trends, remember to make your kitchen a space you genuinely love to use. 

Trends come and go, but you’ll want to be proud of your new kitchen for years to come.

The most recent kitchen trends come from a variety of sources. Kitchen designers, for example, may discover that an increasing number of their customers are seeking specific styles, finishes, or colours. 

Industry forecasters are another source of new kitchen trends. “Colour of the Year” predictions are made every year in the autumn and winter. And other forecasts influence what retailers carry in their stores and how they photograph and advertise their latest ranges.

Our list of the latest kitchen trends considers all these to provide a complete overview of what’s hot in kitchens.

Purchase more drawer-format appliances.

More than ever, we see advancements in kitchen storage solutions to make life easier. Pan drawers, for example, have long been a favourite in kitchen design due to their easy accessibility and ingenious storage. Now, even more, appliances are moved to deep drawers rather than freestanding, independent units. Take advantage of these cutting-edge designs on refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, and warming drawers.

Keep sustainability at the heart of the design.

Following the high increase in sustainability values in 2021 and 2022, kitchens are moving a step further in the future year. Previously homeowners loved ex-display/second-hand kitchens and looked for easier ways to do eco-friendly practices, such as recycling and composting. This year, the materials are really important.

Some sustainable kitchens are greener than others. Seek out the ones produced from responsibly sourced materials and recyclable features (such as worktops), as well as those where producers used renewable energy in the manufacturing process.

The return of the rustic floor

With so many choices available for selecting a suitable material, homeowners gravitate toward more natural, timeless options. Doing this means they won’t need to be swapped out when trends shift, or the kitchen needs an upgrade.

Modern rustic terracotta tiles are coming back with a vengeance, offering a warm, welcoming appearance with a low-cost appeal. Clay tiles have traditionally been challenging to incorporate into British homes, particularly kitchens, due to their porous nature and instability when cold. A similar style can be created using bricks, quarry tiles, and rough-edged porcelain options.

Sneaky Storage

Kitchen storage options that are both practical and discreet are driving 2023 trends. Open shelving is still popular for generating a more living room style. With houseplants, photographs, and beautiful kitchenware on display, disguising clutter with a place for everything motivates kitchen designers to create novel cabinet solutions.

Floor-to-ceiling units and lower cabinet runs are being designed with smart storage in mind. These look fantastic when coupled with floating shelves and on-display cabinets.

Concealed Extractors

Fighting with invasive cooker hoods and extractor fans has prompted numerous experimental solutions over the years as hobs and ovens have been relocated to a more central and communal location on the island. 

We’ve seen everything in the previous few years, from downdraft extractors to futuristic chandeliers that will whisk away foul air.

However, in 2023, the effort to creatively battle this necessity is shifting to designing a ceiling kitchen unit to conceal the extractor.

Mix & Match Worktops

Because functionality is at the heart of 2023’s kitchen concepts, we anticipate an increase in mix-and-match worktops in the future year.

Determine which kitchen worktops are ideal for your lifestyle and cooking style. Quartz and granite are suitable for places near hot cooking areas and sinks. In contrast, designers can easily put wood or laminate on islands where a wipeable and softer texture is preferred.

But this look doesn’t have to end there. A portable butcher’s block mini-island topped with a slice of marble is a cost-effective, elegant choice for working with pastry. For enthusiastic cooks, some kitchen suppliers are developing contrasting chopping boards and sink surrounds for multi-functional worktops.